Newspaper Columns

Josh Freed writes a humorous Saturday column for the Montreal Gazette about everything from potholes to politics to the pigeons who’ve taken over his back balcony in Montreal.

In both 2002 and 1997 he won the National Newspaper Award for best Canadian columnist, while a collection of his columns also won the Leacock Prize for humor.

We’ll soon be buried under PasswordS Plague1#
10 September 2011

Distortion spreads Across North America
3 September 2011

Oh Canada.  Let’s rename it British North America
27 August, 2011

The Main in Spain would be more exciting
20 August, 2011

Life in the fast lane:  Going so quickly, we’ll lose our minds
6 August, 2011

All this talk about aliens? It’s anyone’s guessing game.
30 July, 2011

 Following our dreams, one app after another
23 July 2011